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Warmly congratulate my equipment company 30000 square meters of new factory building is opened

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  In mid-December, Jiang Shun equipment company relocation of the new plant after another. The original order full, the production task of emergency, the face of the complex relocation task, the company leadership under the unified coordination of the command, the relocation of the work carried out in an orderly manner, the Ministry of Personnel, Equipment Power, Operations Center and other departments in personnel deployment, Logistical support and security work to give sufficient support, making the work of the great relocation of the work very smoothly. At present, all office systems, production teams and the Treasury has been the layout of the original plan to stay. In this cold December, Jiang Shun equipment company is booming welcome to move, the prosperity of a scene.

  The move marks the success of the equipment company has taken a step forward. Equipment companies will be a new face to show to you, with a new concept and quality of service in the community! Equipment companies since the plant since 2005, continue to enhance their own standards, good governance, determined to make progress. From the initial start when the 1000 square meters crowded small plant, to the transition period in 2011 10,000 square meters of small and medium-sized plant, and now use the area of more than 30,000 square meters of spacious new plant, equipment companies step by step, down to do Good oneself, steady development. Sales steadily improve the quality of continuous improvement, from small tonnage extrusion auxiliary line to the large extrusion auxiliary line, the equipment company has been efforts to develop innovative, never stop the pace of progress. According to Zhang, the equipment company has been committed to building their own brand, and now the new plant to implement the "people-oriented" thinking, designed to meet the needs of modern machinery production to the work environment required comfort, health, safety and economy As the starting point, to create a rational layout, full-featured, convenient traffic, beautiful environment, energy-saving concept of the new plant. After careful planning, on-site production and processing team layout is lean and practical, and strive to achieve maximum synergies production efficiency. So high-quality resources, equipment company team building is a step by step to improve, in the face of opportunities, challenges, facing the future, a long way to go.

  Looking back at 2013, it is encouraging. In the company under the command of leaders at all levels, the successful completion of the expected targets. It is worth mentioning that Qinghai Guo Xin 75MN extrusion auxiliary line project has been completed, the current comprehensive debugging work is carried out. The installation work progressed quite smoothly, Qinghai Guoxin climate environment is relatively poor, in the Department of installation services under the leadership of Zhang, the installation team united, hard-working, Bingzhuo all for the company's reputation and user needs under the premise of grab Progress, quality assurance, has made a phased victory. Follow-up 55MN extrusion auxiliary line is also actively producing stocking for next year's delivery work well prepared. Quality, production and the introduction of large quantities of talent, at present, the equipment company a total of 170 people, in the face of the huge number of people, the company has a large number of personnel, Delivery pressure, the equipment company staff will unite as one to meet new challenges.

  New plant, new starting point, outlook In 2014, the equipment company team to seize the opportunity to expand outward, inward tapping the potential to expand brand advantage, explore the summary of management experience, with its own characteristics of the management model, to achieve leapfrog development. First of all, the team is the management of the carrier, a corporate team is reasonable and sound, the relationship between the business people, financial, material and other resources, the level of efficiency, related to the business objectives can be achieved, according to equipment company's current organizational structure, Secondly, strategic planning is the direction of development, enterprise development is the process of growth and expansion of enterprises, including the increase in the volume, but also including the quality of the changes, the development of the enterprise is the development and expansion of the enterprise, Production of energy-saving high-performance products is the equipment company's new requirements. 2014 will be the equipment company to achieve the take-off year, according to the current development of the excellent situation, the company's overall planning next year will exceed 1.5 billion in output value, while ready to 1.8 billion launched sprint. Faced with this goal, the equipment company will proceed from the internal, do a good job of internal management, strict rules and regulations, pay close attention to the implementation of work to strengthen staff sense of responsibility, mission, the equipment company's development has enough power. At the same time by the new plant to enable this good opportunity to do the overall planning, optimize resources, rational use, to create a new high-efficiency equipment company and struggle.